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Write. It. Out

Who knew that pen and paper had such power? Who knew that the use of pen and paper could relieve as much stress as a cardio session? Me, that’s who.

Have you ever been mad to the point that you wanted to punch something? Frustrated to the point that you wanted to run away and leave everything behind? So mad at work that you wanted to say 🖕🏽you I’m out, and walk right out the door? No, well I have.

Did you know that writing is a therapeutic form of expression? Paper doesn’t talk back or give unsolicited advice. Here is how I practice writing it out.

Angry at someone at work: I write an email with everything I want to say (including expletives) in Word so you don’t accidentally send it. I write it, read it, then I delete it. It may sound silly, but let me tell you, immediately following I can feel a sense of relief.

Frustrated with anything: I grab what I call my “Write it Out” journal. This is the journal I use to write out what’s frustrating me in the moment. In this particular journal I have everything from frustrations with my health to frustrations with my daily commute. I find that using this method of therapy (outside of my actual therapist) helps to keep me sane. It also helps to keep me grounded and focused.

Pinned up frustrations can show up in your physical body. It can manifest as skin breakouts. Digestive issues. Clinched jaws. Crying. Angry outburst or lashing out. Using something as simple as writing can help to alleviate if not relieve all of these issues.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

— Anne Frank

Are you a journaler? What tools do you use to relieve frustration? Share in the comment section.

Until next time…🦋

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