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What If?

What if you chose the dream instead of what you felt was safe? If you honored your hearts desires instead of being paralyzed by fear. These have been my thoughts as of late.

The other day I woke up and realized that next year I’ll be 45, and it got me thinking about what it is that I really want out of this life. I mean truly want! Those dreams that you think about daily.

Age? What is it even? We live in a world where success and checking this off life’s list are tied to age, often making us feel like we’re behind.

Marriage ✔️

Kids ✔️

Home ownership ✔️

Degree ✔️

Career ✔️

All things were expected to have or complete by a certain age, but…what if you don’t? What if you don’t want any of these things? Does it mean you’ve failed? Societal pressures and unspoken rules that we’re groomed to follow from a young age.

What if we created our own timelines? If we decided to make our own rules?

I was raised by a generation of parents who believed in “society’s timeline” or what some would call the traditional route. My problem, it never made sense to me, nor did it feel right. It all seemed quite robotic, but like most, i jumped on the bandwagon.

Got married ten days after my 21st birthday because I felt obligated.

Attempted college several times but never finished. I never felt it was part of my destiny, but I felt like I had to, just to have a career that I didn’t really want.

But what if? What if I honored what I really wanted? If I chose the path I felt I was destined to travel. Here is the thing about your calling/dreams, you never escape it. You can ignore it, but it’ll always be right there in one of the corners of your mind.

So today, no longer will I live under the thumb of what ifs. We aren’t here forever, and I refuse to die with all of this greatness inside me.

I encourage you to break the boundaries of traditional. To live life on your terms. If one thing doesn’t work out, try something else. You get to make the rules!

Until next time…🦋

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