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Weekly Style Roundup – Week of 8/12


This Week was all about sun dresses and things I found in the closet but haven’t worn in ages! We have been experiencing some extreme temps in the bay! The week of the 12th brought 90+ degree temps and attitudes because it was hot as hell. These dresses were perfect for the weather!

Look Number 1 featured a little white frock purchased from Old Navy for $7. Queue Erykah Badu’s “Cleva”…”My dress ain’t cost nothin’ but seven dollar, but I made it fly” Paired the dress with a leopard print strappy heel from Forever 21 $24.90. The shades which I love were from H&M $12.99. Grand Total for this Look was $44.89.

Look Number 2, a floral dress. What can I say about this dress? I don’t really like it. Here is the thing, I purchased this dress years ago from Target and I’m going to believe I liked it then lol. This week I tried to focus on things I had in my closet and this is one of them. Why don’t I like it? It has a hint of matronly to me. None the less, the dress is being donated. Dress $7.48. Shoes purchased from Forever 21 $24.90. Grand Total for this look $32.38.

Look Number 3 is a little bohemian dress. I love this dress, not just because of the price but because of the style. It’s short but not too short and the colors are amazing. Dress is from Marshall’s and it was $7. Shoes from JustFab and they were $14. Grand Total: $21.

That’s a wrap on this week’s look! Until next time, keep it cute, comfortable and most important, affordable! See you next week!

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