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We’re All Tired so Less Judgement Please

Today I called out and took a mental health day. Last evening, the city where I live was not only trending on Twitter, but was #1 in the state on the police scanner. The city was a war zone! While there were several individuals fabricating things, a big percentage of what was being reported was true. Destruction of property, shots fired, high speed chases, officer shot, and breaking and entering of residential properties way too close for comfort. So what do we do? We pray and stay up keeping a watchful eye. Last night it was a knuck if you buck situation dare you come to this house.

3AM rolls around and I know that I am in no way prepared to sit through an 8-10 hour work day (depending on my caseload) nor complete the tedious work that my job requires so I grabbed my work cell and sent a message to my boss letting her know that I would not be working today.

I’m tired, exhausted actually, and if I’m being completely transparent, I didn’t feel like doing any hemin and hawin nor shuckin and jivin in the faces of those who don’t look like me. In the very same faces of those who have made my journey in corporate america more difficult because of the color of my skin. I had no desire to turn down my blackness. I had no desire to pretend that I’m okay. Like it’s just another day. I gave zero fucks about PowerPoint presentations, deliverables, reports or meeting agendas. I don’t half step when it comes to my job, so I knew that me taking a much needed mental health day was in the best interest of all.

Now, can we talk about #blackouttuesday and what I’ve noticed in general amongst the movement. First we blackout. We mute. We use #blacklivesmatter, then don’t use #blacklivesmatter, use #blackouttuesday. Then here comes the anti-muters. The anti #blackouttuesday folks. The you should support the movement but not like that folks. The your content can wait folks.

I need y’all to understand that social media is how some folks feed their families! Who said that there was a rule against posting helpful resources for the BLM movement AND a paid advertisement? Or look of the day? Or a new blog? Truth be told, those of you currently working corporate gigs, I dare you to walk into your office and tell your boss that you won’t be doing any work not related to black lives matter. You my friend will not have a job! Same rules apply for those who make their living online. Then there’s the “this is my opinion about it crowd”. Then we get 17 explanations of what #blackouttuesday actually means and who it applies to. How about about we allow people to do whatever the fuck they want as long as it supports the movement?!?!?!? How about it!

“There is more than one way to get the job done.”

Please understand, everyone isn’t going to be on social media posting pics. Some are physically out in the community feeding the people. Marching with the people. Educating the people. Bailing protesters out of jail. Donating their time to organizations for change. Donating their money to support the cause. Some are behind the scenes making phone calls and writing letters. Some are voting. Hell, some are just living! Taking care of children, elderly parents and still working 40 plus hours of week. Just know, there is more than one way to support the movement, AND, you don’t have to post it to prove it. You don’t owe people proof. Stop telling people they aren’t doing enough! Let people do what they can do, while you do what you can do and combined, it makes a difference. Do not lose sight of what the fight is about!

This shit is already exhausting so today, let us not make people feel guilty for choosing what’s in the best interest of their mental health. You can still have joy and support the movement. Being happy is still allowed. If you feel like having a picnic, do that! If you feel like gardening do that! If you feel like getting dressed up and taking a photo for the gram, do that! If you don’t have the capacity to do shit but rest and enjoy your family, do that! More grace, less judgement. More love, less judgement. There is enough work to be done that if we all come together and take a piece, we will together make an impact and a difference! I love all y’all!

Until next time...#blacklivesmatter ✊🏽🖤

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