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Two Good Greek Yogurt

Two Good is TOO GOOD!


Since becoming a Type 2 diabetic in 2012, there are a few things I’ve had to eliminate from my diet because of the massive amounts of sugar they put in EVERYTHING! You don’t realize how much sugar is in the things you eat until you need to know how much sugar is in the things you eat.

Yogurt…now, I’ve never been a huge fan because I am what I like to call consistency challenged. I struggle to eat things like jello or pudding because of the consistency, but as I’ve matured, so has my palette. I’ve developed a love for Greek Yogurt. Why? because the consistency to me is more like “nice cream”. It’s a bit more thick with a really creamy consistency, but, have you ever looked at the sugar content in yogurt both full and low fat? Let me tell you what they do. When producing “low fat” foods, they reduce the fat and increase the amount of sugar. Don’t believe me? The next time you’re at the grocery store, check out your favorite brand of peanut butter. Look at the sugar content on the regular peanut butter, then compare it to the low fat version. Do the same with yogurt, then come back to this blog and tell me I’m right in the comments.

Last week during out monthly grocery hall, I was at Safeway in the Yogurt section with puppy dog eyes hoping that I’d find something with minimal sugar and no added garbage. Let me just say, looking at certain foods is like opening the pantry for the sixth time in the same day, same stuff in there. But, not this day! I swear to you my eyes saw the number 2 and my laser focus was activated. I must admit though, I didn’t have my hopes up. I immediately saw 2G Sugar and thought, what’s the catch? How much additional sugar have they included to get this printed on the label? Well folks, it literally said 2G Sugar and no additional. At that very moment I could hear the celestial choirs singing! Then I thought, if it only has 2G Of sugar, then it must taste like garbage right? I was so excited I bought 1 of every flavor they had in the store; peach, strawberry, vanilla and blueberry.

The next morning, I went to the fridge grabbed the strawberry, cut up some fresh strawberries grabbed about a heaping tbs of granola because sugar…opened up the container and it was beautiful! It smelled like I’d walked into a field of strawberries as soon as I began to peel back the foil cover. Y’all, by this time my mouth was watering and I thought, if this tastes as good as it smells, lawd. I grabbed my spoon and began to stir, it was THICK and soooooo creamy, but you aren’t a yogurt connoisseur if you don’t what? LICK THE LID! I licked the lid and I said out loud “it’s really good!” I assembled my bowl, paired it with my avocado toast with egg whites and chowed down. The million dollar question, did it spike my blood sugar significantly? No. Should I be eating it everyday? Also no. Being a diabetic, the goal isn’t to eliminate ALL sugar from your diet, but everything in moderation.

I can say that I am a fan! This is definitely a treat that I’m glad I stumbled upon. I’m going to link the site so you can check it out! I have found something to add to my list of favorites! Thank you Two Good!

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