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Today in Bathroom Chronicles

Around 11:53 AM my stomach started making gurgling noises. Sounded like a boiling cauldron full of magic potion. Gurgle #1, I’m good. Gurgle #2, I’m still good. Gurgle #3, not so good. #3 had me stuck for a minute. Now if you’ve ever read one of my bathroom blogs, then you know that I carry 2 pair of shoes in the event that I have to go #2 at work. Today, I only had one pair!

As a commuter, I don’t have the luxury of running to the house and coming right back. My drive is usually about an hour and a half.

After gurgle #3, I knew! If you’ve ever had bg’s then you know you only get so many passes before it’s go or blow time. I needed a plan. I still had a few hours before my work day ended, but my work was just about done and my job is pretty flexible. I emailed boss lady and told her I was in pain which was 100% true. I said I’m gonna have to leave early.

I’ve talked about traffic in the Bay Area before, and Fridays are the absolute worst! In my mind I thought, it was before 2 so I should be cool right? I packed up my laptop and rushed out the office. Ran to pay for parking because it’s $15 a day to park and that’s the early bird special, can y’all tell it irritates me? Anyway, paid for parking, got in my truck and I was off. Ha, not. Soon as I hit the freeway the traffic began. See clip below….

I knew it was a matter of time before the pains came back. About 20 minutes into my drive they were back. Y’all I was sitting in the drivers seat playing the mannequin challenge.


I wasn’t turning back and I knew for sure I wasn’t gonna be using a public toilet for what I had to do. I started sweating, at that point y’all, I starting thinking I wasn’t gonna make it. In my head I whispered, “don’t nobody have to know but me and God”…just in case I don’t make it 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Can somebody scream, ONE MORE CHANCE!

I could see the refinery so I knew I was close to home, and the lanes started to move. G-O-D parted the traffic like the Red Sea. I hit the gas like NASCAR! I pulled in my driveway so fast I almost hit the garage door, but I made it!

Until next time…❤️

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