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Today A Piece of Me Died


Death - the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Monday September 13th 2:50 AM I watched my mother take her very last breath, and at that very moment, a piece of me died with her.

How did we go from stomach issues, to a fall, to a fatal diagnosis, to death in less than two weeks? We were just walking two miles at the waterfront less than a month prior!

Death, a ticket each one of us will cash in eventually. Don’t know when. Don’t know where. Don’t know how.

I truly believed I had more time! I thought the diagnosis would be an ulcer, something fixable, however, God had different plans. She was lonely. For eleven months she grieved the loss of my father. Nothing was able to fill that void. Not my daily visits. Not my encouraging words. Not our many phone calls, nothing.

My sisters and I, stood around her bed as her deep gasps for air turned into a quieter pant. Her breathing mimicked a fish out of water. I found my self trying to breathe for her, but I knew I couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. I knew death was close, it had entered the room. We held her hands and covered her in kisses as gospel music played in the background. Her body had already began to turn cold, and she was fighting death until it overtook her. We watched the pulse in her neck slowly stop, and just like that, it was over. A tear filled her left eye. I wiped it away and whispered, “you don’t have to cry anymore”.


Went to grab Starbucks this morning, and as I was leaving I started dialing your number, then I realized you were gone! That stung a bit. You’ve been my first call every morning for as long as I can remember. Not having my phone ring ALL DAY, EVERYDAY is going to take some getting used to. Not bringing you breakfast in the morning and watching you walk down the driveway in your cheetah robe is going to take some getting used to. Not hearing you say, “well hello Ms. Jazmine” like only you could when you were irritated with me will take some getting used. Thank you for being the blueprint. I’ll always remember what you taught me, and I will never break my promise! Until we meet again my girl!

Jaz 🖤

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