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Skin Glowin’ Beard Growin’

Let me just say that I believe that 40 is still very young….but let’s talk! This blog is dedicated to all the things that start to occur as you begin to age.

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. You just turned 40 five minutes ago…mind ya business. Let’s talk about all the things you begin to experience, or the things I’ve experienced.

Going gray. Now, this isn’t always age specific because I started going gray at 18, but for you late bloomers, you start seeing those one or two grays pop up in that good ol’ scalp. And let’s be clear, the texture is different! They are way more coarse and they are strong. What’s the old saying, “don’t pull them because more will come”. Since hitting this amazing milestone, well leading up to it, I’ve noticed the grays popping up everywhere. My eyebrows, nose and yes, there too! I am officially a silver fox.

Skin. I have noticed that my skin is glowing! I mean dewey, soft and smooth, baby smooth and I’m not mad. Reduced texture on my face and my pores are less pronounced. Now my hands, that’s another story! One would think that I spent many years working in construction! Between years of cracking my knuckles and my Simone Biles level of monkey bar talent, one would swear I was 80 by the hands.

Sight…hmm, well uh, my sister said when she turned 40 her vision changed. I was bragging on my still pretty good vision (aside from night blindness), but I’m noticing that I’m now that person pulling the bottle back to read the dosing instructions on pill bottles.

Unwanted hair…. let me just preface this by saying that I’ve always been hairy, but I’ve noticed an increased amount of chin hair. Who remembers being the young kid that always laughed at the old grandma with the beard? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Hi, my name is Jazmine and I am the lady with the beard…hence the title. Folks, I can remember when there was just one…then two…now there is an entire colony. Oh, and there’s now a gray one growing there too! I can share right? I’m among friends aren’t I?

I’ve noticed that my now beard has gotten out of hand. I know what some of you medical professionals are thinking, “maybe you have PCOS”. Nope, just hairy. I didn’t mind the 1, 2or 3 hairs in the beginning but I’m damn near beyond the tweezer stage, and here’s the cold part, they grow back soooooo fast! It’s disrespectful! People used to say, “don’t pull them!” Umm you can walk around here with a hairy chin if YOU want to, but as for me and my house…


13 y/o son: in the middle of crowded Target, “ooooh mom your beard!”

I am pretty sure he was yelling! You could see eyes looking over as he began to laugh and run his hand over my chin and ask if he could get them when we got home. First of all why are you so loud and excited? You ever wanted to whoop your child in public? I don’t even whoop my kids but this day, whew! Not only did I want to whoop him, but his actions rendered me speechless. I swatted his hand like a fly and through clinched lips uttered, “boy no!” Son had me in Target with folks staring at me thinking I was his Maddy (Mama/Daddy).

My son is absolutely fascinated with tweezing chin hairs! He takes it serious like an Olympic sport, and truth be told, he’s great at it and can see what I can’t! Judge me not! Some kids enjoy video games, my kid enjoys tweezing his mom’s chin hairs. Maybe he’ll be a dermatologist!

I am grateful y’all! Grateful for it all, but I had to share because I know I’m not alone! What have you noticed as you’ve begun to age?

Until next time…🦋

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