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Should I Continue Blogging?

That folks, is the question I’ve been asking myself. There are peaks and valleys in this here blogging world, and if you’re like me, looking to make this a full time thing, then some days it’s a struggle.

I love blogging and making videos. I mean looovvvvveeeee! I feel like I have the ability to be my true weird and quirky self, and I have a lot to say! Now, finding things to blog about when you have a consistent posting schedule (like myself) can sometimes be a struggle. Celebrated 100 Blogs! Here’s the link Lucky for me, I love to talk!

Now you’re probably asking why am I even asking if I should continue blogging because it’s my choice, well aware. It’s simple, some days I don’t see the progress. Let’s be frank. When trying to make this a career, It becomes a numbers game.





Where do I land? Nano-influencer. Why? Because I have less than 1K followers on the gram. Does that mean that the quality of my content is not as good as a micro, macro or mega influencer? Absolutely not! Google me bish…not yet? Okay, but you get my point!

Don’t get it twisted 💁🏽‍♀️! That’s how I really feel, but there are days that I question how slow the growth is 🐌 . Yes, I know it takes time. It’s takes patience. The way my patience meter is set up though…

This is a full time job. Engage, post content, engage, post content. Did I say engage and post content? Good content. Find your niche. Find your thing. What makes you you? What’s your personal brand? What makes you stand out? Y’all tired just reading that huh?

I try to always go back to my why? Why I began blogging. Why I began my YouTube channel (here’s the link) SMILE. I am in the season of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I am also writing a book. I will continue to blog and make videos but I don’t know what that looks like just yet. Stay tuned and thank you to each and everyone of you that has ever liked a post. Shared a post. Gave a video a thumbs up. I appreciate you!

Until next time…follow me on social media! Links below 🦋

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