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Self-Care Weekend

Friday – I went to the spa where I enjoyed an hour and a half massage at Spa Gaia I turned off my phone, tucked it away in the locker, and made myself unavailable for 90 minutes. Athena was my massage therapist, and she was God sent. Her hands were blessed, so much so that during the massage I forgot where I was at least twice.

I left my massage and made it home in time to watch my Warriors sweep the Cavs.

Saturday – Went to Pittsburg to visit my mom in love, and while we were out I was scrolling through Yelp looking for nail salons. Came across Bella Salon I called and was able to get an appointment within 30 minutes. I walked in and immediately felt peace. The salon is absolutely gorgeous. I was greeted by Sophie who was very welcoming and then sat down with Linda who was my nail tech. I told her what I wanted and she gave me just that. One thing I hate about some nail shops is the feeling of being rushed. The feeling of, “I have to hurry to get to the next client”. Not Bella Salon! Linda took her time and my nails were absolutely perfect! My experience was so great that I brought the family back the next day! As a first timer, I received a 20% discount, and they gave a discount the next day as well. Talk about amazing customer service!

My Saturday ended with me sending two of my boys off to Louisiana for the summer with their dad. My daughter and my oldest son stayed behind for work and school but they’ll be leaving next month. Y’all please pray my strength because like I said before, I don’t know what to do without my kids home, but I know that I can’t be selfish, and I know that the break will free me up to do some things I wouldn’t have been able to do if they were home, but I sure do miss them!

Sunday – We got up and headed back to Pittsburg. Started the day with breakfast at Big Daddy Ross’s Cafe another Yelp recommendation. Breakfast was not only amazing, but incredibly affordable with huge portions! It didn’t hurt that that this quaint little restaurant was sitting right on the water. Then it was back to Bella Salon for pedicures that were ridiculously relaxing. Best part, my daughter spending the day with us because well, she’s 18 and rarely home.

My weekend was amazing! It was filled with unapologetic self-care activities that left me feeling extremely blessed and for that, I’m grateful.

Until next time…❤️

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