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No More Gimmicks

Hey framily, let’s talk! I am so sick of influencers following hundreds, looking for a follow back only to unfollow 24 hours to 1 week from the day.

What it looks like:


  1. Follow

  2. Like 1 maybe 2 pictures

  3. Send a generic “thank you” (occasionally)

  4. Leave a comment on a random pic

  5. 24 hours to 1 Week later…unfollow

Yelling….Booooooooooooo, y’all hella annoying and hella wack!

I’ve literally had this happen so many times that I recognize the faces! I recently called out a few by way of DM’s after I noticed my original thank you message when they attempt to follow again the second, third or fourth time. No response, but it’s been seen. I’m damn near tempted to tag a few in this post, but I’ll refrain. Y’all know who you are…

It is very possible to grow a brand without gimmicks. One more time for the people in the back…IT IS VERY POSSIBLE TO GROW A BRAND WITHOUT GIMMICKS! It is also okay to befriend and follow someone with less followers if you enjoy their content and if you don’t, keep it pushing.

Message: Sis/Bro, don’t follow me just to unfollow. What is your purpose and what are you using your platform for? We all out here trying to grow!

I’ve spoke about this before, and I’ll continue to do so.

PSA: 📣 Influencers, stop 🛑 using the backs of other influencers to grow your following and build your brand with that wack ass follow to unfollow method. Let your content do the work!

Now that I’ve got that out, tell me how you feel about this growth tactic? Are you a fan? Share in the comments.

Until next time…🦋

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