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My Go-To Makeup Remover


I don’t wear makeup often, but the products I use to achieve my makeup no makeup look still requires a solid makeup remover and I found one!

I really began to focus on my skin about a year ago. Now, I’ve always washed my face daily but I wasn’t into anything other than a little coconut oil to keep my face glowing and the old school cocoa butter stick for blemishes and I never wore makeup. As I dabbled more and more into the land of makeup I began to research all things skincare.

One day I decided to look for a good makeup remover, something other than my unscented Dove. I did my research and stumbled upon this product. It had amazing reviews so I decided to fork over $30 to try it out, and if you know me then you know I had to be serious spending $30 on one product! It didn’t help that the lady at the Macy’s sales counter was very very good at her job! I must admit, I wasn’t very familiar with the product other than what I had read about it, and being a black woman, I didn’t know how it would work on my skin. I had it about a week before I used it. I am also one that is consistency challenged when it comes to touching creams and what not so I wasn’t sure how this balm was going to work.

This product at first glance looks like coconut oil. It’s white and very thick. If it was in an unmarked jar, you might cook with it or put it in your hair. When scooping it out, it also feels like coconut oil. I began to apply the balm all over my face and it quickly went from solid to oil and I could see the products melting right off of my face, even my mascara and lip stain. Any mascara and lip stain wearers knows how much effort it takes to remove those products! I swear they want to make sure you get your moneys worth. I must say that I still follow up with a good face wash to get off any product left behind, but I was very impressed by how much this actually took off. This product like all of Clinique’s products is scent free which was a huge bonus for me and definitely a bonus to all of you out there with allergies!

Would I recommend this product? 100%

I would actually recommend several of their products which I’ll be talking soon in an upcoming post all about skincare so come back next week for a new beauty share.

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