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My Gayness won’t make you less Christian

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I always find it interesting when individuals follow me on social media, do a bit of scrolling, discover I’m in a same sex relationship, then unfollow. I find this most common with those who identify as Christian, God fearing, scripture quoting, “wife to my husband” demographic.

I feel like I should come with a disclaimer.

Interactions when networking usually go like this…

The other person: hey girl, I’m _______ nice to meet you.

Me: hey! I’m Jazmine(insert disclaimer here) Nice to meet you too!

The other person: do you have children? Are you married?

Me: yes, four…18, 16, 13, and 12. Not married, but in a relationship.

The other person: aww you have pictures?

Me: of course! (Pulls out photos of me, my children, and HER

(I wish y’all could see the looks on their faces! I usually get a couple of responses. From women, it’s either an aww or a look of disgust. Or they find the need to drop the, “girl I’m strictly dickly” line. Umm girl, okuuur (in my best Cardi B voice). Depending on their level of holy, everything about them changes, including their body language, much like the white lady walking down the street who holds her purse a bit tighter at the sight of a black person. News flash: I don’t want you! There is no “spirit of perversion”. Should we unveil your shit?

When men discover I’m gay, it’s either the “you’re nasty bitch”or a “f*^% you” or the request of a threesome. This is the condensed version of real life scenarios. I find humor in every reaction.

Growing up in church, because I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) the gays were going to hell sermon was always preached! For a long time I didn’t think there were any other “sins”. I heard things like, God made Adam for Eve, not Steve. No man should lay with another man. Blah blah blah. Where were the sermons about the married pastor sending dick pics to female members (this really happened). Where were the sermons about the pastor touching altar boys? (this also happened) Where were the sermons about the hoe on the front row wearing the short dress trying to entice the married pastor (this happened too). Where were the sermons about the pastor preaching hell fire and damnation to all the gays, while secretly having meet ups at their residence with the same sex (oh, this happened too). Y’all get my point. Now, I don’t believe any spewing of hatred, or judgement should be done from any pulpit. These are just a few examples of the foolery in some churches. Now if this isn’t your church, great. My point: preach the word.

What if you had to wear YOUR sins as items of clothing? How many layers would you have? Based on your beliefs, would gay be heavier than all the others? I’ll help you out, no, it wouldn’t.

A couple of facts for you:

Fact #1: Gay isn’t contagious. After an interaction with a gay, you won’t wake up in the morning with a sudden vagina, or penis craving.

Fact #2: God loves me/you just as we are.

Fact #3: when you arrive at the pearly gates God is not going to say, “do you remember that gay girl Jazmine? Well because she was gay, your entry into heaven has been denied. Depart from me, I know you not.” Nor will God say, “do you remember that gay girl Jazmine? My child, thank you for not being her friend, and I want to especially thank you for judging her, you gained automatic entry!”

Fact #4: my gayness won’t make you less Christian

Imagine that!

If people respected the differences of others instead of judging, the world would be a better place.

Hello, my name is Jazmine and I’m an amazing human being that happens to be gay. Let’s be friends!

Until next time…❤️

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