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Meet My Son, the Scholar

This is my oldest son, Reggie. Born February 18, 2002 on Presidents Day. His grandma gave him the nickname, Mr. President.

My pregnancy with him was a hard one. I went into preterm labor at 5.5 months, and was hospitalized for several weeks until I could safely deliver. He came several weeks early weighing just five pounds. He was so tiny and had the biggest head. My baby looked like a lollipop.

He was an active child. He was a very loud child, not a crybaby, just loud! He was so loud that around age two I was extremely concerned because he was always hoarse. He sounded like Froggy from The Little Rascals. I took him to the doctor because I thought something was wrong with his throat. She asked one question that made it all make sense, “does he scream a lot?” Well I’ll be damned, his throat was fine.

Fast forward to 2018. That once loud baby is now an even louder 16 year old high school sophomore, except these days he’s using his voice to speak up about things that matter. Bettering the black community. Improving education in public schools. How to prevent school shootings and fighting for good teachers. He calls himself an activist.

My son currently has a 4.2 GPA with honors classes. He is a cross country runner, a wrestler, member of the Black Student Union and Card Club, and a college student. He aspires to be an engineer and I know he’ll achieve that.

A natural born leader with a servant’s heart. The fact that I was chosen to bring him Earth-side makes me feel so blessed. I speak often about my children and their accomplishments and I don’t apologize for that. I encourage them. I support them.

To my son, you inspire me. On days that I feel tired, or feel like giving up, you give me strength. Your drive is unmatched. Your determination is superhuman. I am so proud of you!

Until next time…❤️

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