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Living, Not Just Existing

I’ve lived so many years of my life just existing that the concept of living life

at times seems foreign. Yes, present tense. There are many days that I simply exist just to make it through my day. I sometimes feel like I’m floating like the characters in a Spike Lee film, then have the nerve to wonder why I feel so darn drained and tired.

Guess what, it takes an exorbitant amount of energy to just exist! True story…

Living means not rushing through every aspect of life. We’re always looking for the next thing. The next moment. Rushing to get to work. Rushing to get to an appointment. When was the last time you went outside for lunch? Went to a park? On a walk? We are so conditioned to finishing one thing and moving on to the next that we don’t know how to live in and appreciate the current moment.

Let me give you a few examples of existing, and not living.

Have you ever gone through your day and it felt like Groundhog Day? Like it was the same mundane routine, almost ritualistic?

Have you ever driven home, looked up, realized you were at your destination and not remember how you got there?

Have you ever settled in for the night and not been able to recall the details of your day?

That beautiful people, is existing and not living. The ability to wake up and have an opportunity to do whatever it is you do is a blessing all by itself, so why not choose to live?

Today, I’m conscious of when I’m just existing. I can recognize it. When I see it, I immediately change my mindset…it’s a practice y’all. The next time you’re doing something and you find yourself just existing, make the conscious effort to live in that moment, to allow yourself to be fully present. This can be at dinner, at work, with your children, with your partner. Pay attention to how many times your mind drifts to something other than where you are and what you’re doing in that specific moment. I’ve learned that it makes life so much more enjoyable!

I want to challenge you today. When you wake up tomorrow I want you to look into the mirror and say these words…

“Today I choose to live and not just exist. I will live in the now and be anxious for nothing. I will not let tomorrow’s “what if’s” prevent me from living in today’s now. Each and every day I will live with purpose on purpose.” ~ Jaz

Until next time…🦋

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