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Fashion & Weekend Buys!

Shopping, one of my favorite past times, but not something I do often. I’m far from a fashion blogger, but I love clothes. I would describe my style as boho/thrift store chic. I love thrift stores! One of my favorite thrift stores is Mars Mercantile located in the amazing city of Berkeley California. Simply put, I wear what I like.

I also love bargains. I can honestly say that I don’t own any big ticket items. I don’t buy high end or luxury, not that I find anything wrong with it, it’s just not me. I’m also a big couponer, and I’m not talking groceries. I use coupons to buy clothes. If I can save $5 or 20%, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. Some have called me cheap, but I like to call myself budget conscious. I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes it’s a bit extreme, but I’m working on it. One of my favorite saving apps is Retail Me Not. I usually find savings for all of my favorites, from Forever 21 to JC Penney. Thank me later.

Bargain shopping is especially important when you have multiple children, at least it is for me. I have an 18 year old daughter and I always find myself giving her items of my clothing. It usually goes, mom you should let me have that, or mom I need a pair of jeans for work with no holes. I also have three growing boys, and I swear they grow a little every month. This can get very expensive, so couponing helps me to save a coin or three.

Now that I’m 12 months away from 40, I find myself in the “is this age appropriate” zone. As much as I loved The Flinstones growing up, do I really need them on a T-shirt? Probably not. If I could have Thelma’s wardrobe from Good Times, I would be extremely happy.

This weekend we went to the mall and I didn’t just window shop. I picked up a few items for myself, shocker I know! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time buying things for myself, but because my jeans with no holes keeps being requested by my daughter I bought a few pair. As a wide hip, small waist girl buying jeans is always an issue. Either they’re too big in the waist, gap in the back, or I can’t get them pass my hips. I also picked up two pair of shoes. Shout out to Target for the awesome sale and their Cartwheel app. Both pair of shoes were less than $40 combined, and yes, they are comfortable.

See what I picked up below!

I hope you enjoy this! Perhaps I’ll share how I care for cheaper clothing items to make them last in a future blog 😊.

Until next time…❤️

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