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Don’t You Dare Give Up!

Welcome to 2022 my fellow bloggers who still ain’t quite figured this shit out yet! Writing this blog at 1:20 AM because your girl drank a coke before bed and I’m wired as hell!

Can I talk about my blogging journey, and encourage you along the way? Okay cool!

Let me take a minute to introduce myself; My name is Jazmine, the creator of “Talking All That Jaz” birthed in 2018. Yes folks, I’ve been at this for three whole years. I’ve talked about this before, but I began blogging as an escape from depression and anxiety (still struggling, but that’s another blog).

I’ve written hundreds of blogs. Blogs about parenting, relationships, mental health, fashion, food and what I call random writes. I’ve tried to find “my niche” and ooh wee y’all, I’m still looking. When I first began this journey, I began with ladies who have now grown their followings, and found their thing! Meanwhile, I’m low key giving side eye like, umm what the hell did I miss?


In the beginning, I signed up for courses, spent more money than I’d like to admit for things I could have found for free99 on Michelle Obama’s internet (forever First Lady!). Became apart of follow trains…(insert hard eyeroll). That too is another blog.

Patience…what’s that?

Anybody else out here suffer from a lack of patience? That, I want it right now spirit?

Things I kept hearing from all the “gurus”.

“Find your niche”

“Be consistent”

“Engage with your followers”

“Figure out who your audience is”

“Leave 8 million comments”

“Like 10-12 pics then follow”

Not saying any of it was bad advice, but whew Lawd!

My first year I was consistent as hell! I was posting about three blogs a week, ootd’s on Instagram, YouTube videos, liking, commenting, but didn’t see much traction so I lost momentum.

Remember that impatient & right now spirit?

So, I fought those spirits off like a heavyweight champ while telling myself to remain consistent and give it time. What’s for you won’t miss you right? Well I started questioning God’s aim because my G kept missing, and I might have had an attitude and stopped doing the work, but let me have my moment…

A couple of this I did wrong, looking back. I tried to pay attention to what my followers responded to, and what they didn’t. Nothing wrong with that. My misstep, changing my entire programming while playing the “guess what the people like” instead of staying consistent and true to what worked for me, and allowing those who liked what I was posting to find me organically.

Another misstep, getting in my own head! Listen, I don’t do well when things don’t go my way, or when I feel like things are working so when everything plateaued, I stopped being consistent. I stopped doing what I had always done instead of perfecting what had been working. I had become the Lauryn Hill of the blogging world, showing up when I wanted, or not at all. (Please don’t come for me, she’s one of my favorite artist, but her track record ain’t cute)

Y’all still waiting to be encouraged? Okay, here it is. Slow growth isn’t an indication that what you’re posting isn’t good. It does not speak to your value. What you contribute to the blogging world matters, and is needed. My current recipe faith + consistency + authenticity + educating myself + sticking to what you’re good at is what I’m going with. Also, don’t fall victim to imposter syndrome because chile, it’ll have you out here mad at folks you don’t even know. Unfollow people if you need to.

Now, I don’t have a big success story just yet, but I’ll check back in three months from now. I’m currently working on a game plan. Figuring out what weekly blogging/posting will look like. To my fellow bloggers, also struggling and on the verge of quitting, don’t you dare give up! We gon’ figure this thang out together!

Until next time…🦋

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