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40 Things I’ve Learned on the Road to 40

1. I am enough

2. My worth is not determined by others or things

3. Mothering is hard af but the most rewarding job I’ve ever had

4. God loves me and all my flaws

5. Overcoming depression and anxiety is hard but possible

6. Happiness is a choice

7. Misery and suffering are also a choice

8. Co-parenting is work

9. Broke is a mindset

10. Adulthood is a scam

11. God is real

12. Being black is magical

13. Nothing grows from comfort

14. Growth is constant

15. Health is wealth

16. Attitude is everything

17. Genuine friendships are important and necessary, and I need a tribe

18. Perfection is an impossible goal. Your best is always good enough

19. I don’t have to settle

20. I can no longer ride roller coasters

21. I now need glasses to see

22. Failure is not final

23. Sugar goes in breakfast grits; fight me

24. A vision requires work

25. Every choice I make both good and bad is shaping my future

26. My children are watching me

27. Family is all we got

28. Family is not always blood

29. Mistakes are future points of reference. Your guide of what NOT to do in the future

30. 90’s R&B will forever be the best era of music

31. Growing old is a privilege

32. Death is inevitable

33. Life is meant to be enjoyed

34. I wasn’t created to be mediocre

35. I can have whatever I want

36. Fear is crippling

37. Love is the salve needed to heal the world

38. Everybody won’t get you or understand you, those aren’t your people

39. Don’t ever give up

40. Comparison will always be the thief of joy

As I age, life becomes clearer. Today I live boldly, no apologies given.

Until next time…🦋

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