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20 Random Facts About Me

1) My favorite color is green

2) I’m a 90’s R&B fan

3) I hate television

4) At 19 I had major surgery and was told I may never have children

5) I have 4 children (see above and catch that!)

6) I have OCD

7) I’m an amazing cook

8) I’m a night owl

9) My favorite movie is The Color Purple “I heard she got that nasty woman’s disease”

10) My biggest fear is failure

11) Favorite music artist is Erykah Badu

12) My middle name is Ja’Net after Ja’Net Dubois (Willona from the hit 70’s show Good Times)

13) I can’t swim

14) Next year I’ll be 40

15) One day I’ll sit with Oprah on an episode of Super Soul Sunday and discuss my book

16) I still wear slips under my dresses

17) I’ve been in an amazing relationship for 11 years

18) I can hold a grudge forever! If you f’d me over in 2nd grade, I’m still mad. (Don’t judge me) #imaworkinprogress

19) I suffer from procrastination

20) I love hard

Until next time…❤️

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