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Walking the Green Mile

Well today is the Friday before I go back to work after two weeks off. I can feel the anxiety kicking in. I knew for sure I’d win the lottery or come up with a get rich quick scheme before I had to go back. For the last two weeks I’ve done nothing and it was everything I ever wanted. I slept, got up to eat, and slept again. Some days I didn’t shower or brush my teeth (relax people I shower and brush daily). The days I did, I put on a clean pair of pj’s and got back in the bed.

I read books. I journaled. I worked on my book (stay tuned). I watched minimal tv. I caught up on all of my favorite YouTubers. I only cooked when I felt like it, and yes, my children are still alive. I exercised my right to say NO! My no muscle is real weak. We often, well let me change that, I often feel obligated to say yes especially when it’s family or because I feel like I have to. I don’t like to disappoint, but let me tell you about the spirit of trying to please. It will make you mad, bitter, and resentful! It’s okay to say no to things you don’t want to do, and guess what? You don’t need a reason why.

As I get ready to return to work, I feel like I’m preparing to walk the Green Mile. Yes, the same Green Mile John Coffee walked to his execution. Now before all you do-gooders and gra-ti-tu-dist (I made those words up) start in on me with the you should be grateful to have a job and the somebody would love to trade places with you comments, I’m well aware. But today, just let me have my moment.

Until next time…♥

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