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Top 5 Fall Favorites of 2018

1. Ginger loaf from Starbucks. This is one of their seasonal offerings every Fall and holiday season! It’s moist, delicious, and taste just like grandma made it!

2. Cozy Sweaters & Boots. I am obsessed with cute cozy sweaters and who can resist a comfortable pair of boots or booties? I know I can’t! Although the current 80 plus degree weather here in the Bay Area won’t allow me to be great! So they will have to wait. Recent purchases below. Ginger loaf from Starbucks.

(Forever 21)


3. My Dutch Oven! Soups & Stews scream fall to me! I love all kinds of soup but my favorite is loaded potato soup. Creamy potato soup topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream, and chives 😋. Below you’ll find the link to my favorite recipe and a pic of the Dutch oven I use.

4. Fireplace my favorite place to be on a cold night. Cuddled up in front the fireplace, fire burning, playing trouble with the kids…but again, I’m still waiting on Fall because Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

5. Warm Soft Pajamas. My current obsession, Walmart gowns. Yes y’all, Walmart, and they come with matching socks. They have a new line of sleepwear that is soft, warm, and economical. Disclaimer: if you experience night sweats, this isn’t the gown for you. Picture below.

What are some of your Fall Favorites? Share them in the comments.

Until next time…💛

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