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Products used for my Everyday Makeup no Makeup Look!

*DISCLAIMER* – I am NOT a makeup expert. The information shared in this post is what works for me.

I’ve never been a fan of a full face of makeup (on myself), because honestly, I feel like it ages me, plus I wasn’t good at applying it (just started dabbling at 39). I wanted a way to brighten up my face giving it that “beat face look” without it being weighed down in foundation, so after lots of practice, I finally found a combination of products that gives me the look of a full face without all of the products or work! Just so you’re aware, I have combination skin and these products work very well for me. Everything on this list is applied after my morning Skincare routine which I’ll share in next week’s post, so make sure you come back!

Step 1: Too Faced HangoveRx Replenishing Face Primer


I use this as my base on the areas where I apply my concealer to give me a smooth finish. I always apply this first to allow it time to work itself into my skin before I apply the concealer. This primer works wonders!

Step 2: Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brow – Color 4 & 24-HR Clear Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel


This brow pencil is for sure magic and the clear brow gel as a topper makes the brows smudge proof! Now here is the thing about me. I don’t have to have anything else on this list but my Fenty gloss and my brows, but all together…perfection! I use this to shape my brows. I like a semi-bushy feathery looking brow. I only carve out the bottom of my brows to give them a more natural look. Defining your brows gives you an instant facelift!

Step 3: L.A. Girl PRO.conceal – Shade Warm Honey & Bare Minerals Max Coverage Concealer Brush


This concealer and the brush tip design is everything and it’s on $4.99! I use this concealer to carve out my brows and as a lighter shade on top of the NARS concealer I use on other parts of my face. The Bare Minerals concealer brush is what I use to even out the concealer once applied. This little brush is the perfect applicator!

Step 4: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Shade Truffle & Beauty Blender “The Original”


Oooh weeee! This concealer is so creamy and lightweight! It’s medium to high buildable coverage which is the perfect product to achieve that makeup no makeup look. I use this under my eyes, middle of my brows and in the middle of my chin. This Beauty Blender is perfect for blending out the concealer. So important, make sure the beauty blender is damp before you begin blending and when I say blend, blend until it’s flawless.

Step 5: FRESH Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment Satin Finish


I apply this as a base before my lipstick and gloss. My lips tend to be on the dryer side and using this has definitely improved that. This can be a stand alone item if you just want a shiny finish without any lipstick.

Step 6: Maybelline Color Sensational – Shade Untainted Spice


I bought this on a whim. I haven’t had the best luck finding the perfect nude for my skin tone but this right here! This shade is gorgeous on tan to medium skin tone. This looks amazing all on it’s own.

Step 7: Fenty Gloss Bomb – Shade Fu$$y


This gloss is liquid gold! One of my faves! Not sticky, smells great and doesn’t dry out your lips. I apply this over my lipstick to finalize the look. It makes that nude lipstick pop!

A super cute look in less than 10 steps! I’ll be posting this tutorial on my YouTube Channel very soon!

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