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On Your Terms

No Bread

No Carbs

No Sugar

No Dairy

No Meat

No Fish

No Alcohol

“No level of success is achieved without hard work.” ~ Jaz

How bad do you want it? Homecoming… A comeback on her terms.

Watching Homecoming brought me back to the very first time I saw her live in 2018. My life was changed that very day. I know you’re wondering, how could your life be changed from a concert? Let me explain. I’ve always been a fan of Beyoncé’s music. I’ve always appreciated real singing. But not only was she an amazing singer, she was an all around entertainer and one hell of a business woman.

When she spoke about her struggles with her pregnancy and childbirth I took a deep breath! As black maternal health week comes to an end, it made me reflect on my own journey.

I had four high risk pregnancies. I went into preterm labor at 20 weeks like clock work. I had placenta previa, gestestiomal diabetes and suffered from low fluid. My second pregnancy I ended up hospitalized for several weeks, on bed rest to keep my little guy cooking. My womb has carried 6 but birthed 4. Oh the healing we could do in our communities if we shared more about our own struggles.

This documentary was saturated in black magic. From the HBCU band to the steppers it screamed, “you go get all this blackness today!” Acknowledging that she was the first black woman to headline Coachella…Whew…followed by, “ain’t that some shit”. She wanted to make sure that she delivered the Black Beychella experience and that there was no mistaken about the intention! Job well done Queen 👏🏽

The Black National Anthem, now y’all this almost took me out. Seeing little Blue singing those words brought tears to my eyes. As a child of older parents, the Black National Anthem is something I learned very young. We sang it proudly in church often. The sad reality is, most young blacks don’t even know it exists!

This woman has managed a successful career and maintained a relevant presence in the music industry for over two decades. Two decades! Hell, some of us can’t stay on the same job two years. There is no denying the sheer excellence of her craft.

Things I learned

  1. Honor the voice in you that says slow down. It’s okay if you don’t feel like yourself after giving birth. It’s also okay to take time to find yourself again

  2. Body image after birth: your body will change and there is no timeframe on getting back to where you’re comfortable. Everyone’s SnapBack will look different.

  3. You can have a career and pursue your passion while being a wife and a mother. Ladies, you can make it work.

  4. No level of success is achieved without hard work.

  5. Being Black BLack Blakity BLACK is an absolute gift!

She makes me want to be a better version of myself.

“One day people around the world will know my name…” ~Jaz

You don’t have to be a fan of her music, but you have to respect her hustle! Her commitment to greatness is unmatched.

Until next time…🦋

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