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No More Meat!

Well the saying is, you are what you eat. If I see one more recall of meat, I’m going to go insane! About 5 years ago I attempted to cut meat from my diet and I was successful for a little while. I even ordered my “Go Vegan” kit from PETA…side note, I’m still getting text about saving monkeys and rabbits (and I always reply). Haven’t removed myself from the list, because well, it’s a reminder. Then one day I tried Morning Star vegan sausage…🤮. Y’all, that was about the nastiest stuff I’ve ever tasted!

Now before you Vegan gangsters get riled up, I’ve tried several different brands of vegan meat, and yeah, I’m still eating chicken. I haven’t tried the beyond meat brand, but I hear it’s pretty good. I will say, some Vegans/Vegetarians are real rude when it comes to us meat eaters. Hell I don’t judge your cauliflower nuggets so don’t judge my chicken nuggets…they’re organic, that counts right?

I must admit, my diet as of late has been more about convenience than health. There are days when it’s easier to grab a #1 from Wendy’s then it is to come home and cook after a 10 hour work day and 4 hour commute, sue me. Yeah yeah yeah, I do plan as much as I can but then life drop kicks you in the jaw and you eat out.

Now I’ve read some pretty staggering statistics about meat in general, processing of meat, and the health risk associated with the consumption of meat. I know it’s not just meat, because lettuce and spinach taking out vegans and vegetarians like ground beef taking out us carnivores.

I’m going to link a few articles I’ve come across so you can read them yourself.

Lately I’ve found myself craving less meat, and some days the thought just grossed me out! Same with eggs…all I see when I attempt to eat them are cute little baby chicks. Now, I haven’t completely committed to anything yet. I’m still working out the kinks. My goal though, is to dedicate one day a week to no meat and eventually I’d like to remove all me, but baby steps. I tried to dive in head first last time, and like an addict I was right back in the drive through line at Popeyes for my $5 box.

For my Vegetarian/Vegan friends, what are some good meat alternatives that don’t taste like garbage? Drop them in the comments and help a sistah out!

Until next time…🦋

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