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Jaz's Look of the Week...The Breakdown

Updated: May 27, 2020

When I was putting together this outfit, I immediately began singing, “they call me mellow yellow”. There’s something about the color yellow that just screams happy. According to Google, yellow is associated with things like; happiness, positivity, optimism and energy. I’ve always been drawn to the color.

Now, what you’ve come here for, a breakdown of the outfit! Week two, and I’m featuring another skirt! This time it’s a flared midi length skirt. I love the length! I am a bit midi obsessed. The skirt comes with short length lining underneath to prevent the skirt from being see through. Word of caution to my girls out there with wider hips and bigger butts, the lining rides up a bit, so I’d suggest wearing spanx or biker shorts. No commando with this one, or just panties otherwise all your business will be on display. Material is wonderful! It’s light, and perfect for spring summer!

The top, another puff sleeve and I think I’m low key obsessed! This shirt is a lovely material. Buttons down the back make it unique and adds a little razzle dazzle. It’s also a crop, and if you follow me on Instagram then you know my workouts have produced baby abs...well, I can see where they go!

Here is the proof! I call this photo, “abs loading”. This top is so versatile! It can be worn with several different things; jeans, shorts, culottes. Yes, culottes! As far as I’m concerned, nothing goes out of style.

The shoes! This week I photographed this look with the clear heels you saw in last week's look. It really is the perfect shoe for this look! This is definitely a Sunday brunch type of outfit!

Here are the outfit deets with links!

The skirt $17.99

Flared Skirt - Yellow/white floral - Ladies | H&M US

The top $24.99

Cotton Puff-sleeved Blouse - White - | H&M US

Shoes $35.00

Until next time...Keep it Cute, Keep it Affordable & Keep It Simple Sis K.I.S.S! 🦋

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