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Have Fun with Your Clothes!

How is it that I have a whole blog, which states one of the things I talk about is fashion and it’s only a handful of blogs talking about fashion? Let me get it together!

I’ve been having so much fun lately with my outfit choices! I absolutely love mixing things up. Sometimes it’s a sexy look. Sometimes a preppy look, but most days it’s a relaxed look.

When I put together outfits, I don’t consider what’s currently on trend. I consider what I like 😆. I’ve never been one to follow trends. I mean truly, do things ever really go out of style? In my opinion, no. My mom passed in September and my sister and I had the pleasure of cleaning out her closet. I ended up with several pieces, dated from the sixties, until present.

This particular look was a hodgepodge of years passed.

We have a mix of 80’s & 90’s. This look is giving Hilary Banks with a hint of Vanessa Huxtable and a splash of Sinclair James. Can we talk about this beautiful hat in pristine condition found in my mother’s closet…y’all this was one of many! Colorful stones set in a beautiful shape! The blazer, purchased at Savers Thrift. The blouse I believe Ross. The jeans, Forever 21. Loafers, H&M.

Now before you hit me with the fast fashion spiel, hear me out. I’m well aware of the downside to fast fashion, the waste, damage to the environment and unethical labor practices as a result of said fast fashion, but I as an individual will continue to do my best to not be apart of the problem. I’ve stopped shopping at certain stores, and my less expensive pieces that I already own, I treat like expensive pieces to get years of wear out of them. Also, can I say this, buying luxe is not the only alternative! I keep seeing so many influencers encouraging people to buy good quality luxe items. The truth is, everybody can’t afford the luxe items, not even the resale prices. Here are other ways you can help!

Things you can do!

  • Sell or donate (Always remember, don’t donate garbage)

  • Recycle! H&M participates in this practice. You can go to your local store to drop off clothing. Not sure if all locations participate, so check first.

  • Buy less often. I try to refresh my wardrobe each season. Yes, there might be a one-off or two, but be conscious.

  • Educate yourself!

Never be afraid to standout! I can remember being made fun of as a youngster for my outfit choices. For thrifting before thrifting was popular. Now look at the people following me on the Instagram and liking my stuff lol. Now go on out there and be consciously cute!

Love y’all, mean it! Jaz 🖤

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