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Celebrate All Wins!

Still willing to work for everything I’ve prayed for! Y’all I’m out here believing God to blow my mind. Real heavy on the Faith these days. And word on the street is, all you need is mustard seed size faith...BET!

July 25th I posted my 200th blog! Let that sink in. I have written, and posted 200 BLOGS! A few days prior, I hit 1K followers on Instagram..and I let the day pass a little disappointed. Why? Because the enemy had me out here feeling like it wasn’t good enough. Like I hadn't made enough progress in two years. Had me out here comparing my journey to the next person’s. I had to check that real quick!

This is why I thank God for a spiritual foundation! I had to ask myself, whose report will you believe? God’s timing, not yours! Come on word!

I get it God...less me, more you!

I’ve revisited my goals, and made a few revisions as it pertains to Talking All That Jaz®️ the brand. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a whole brand out here! I’m going to continue to work and do my part, while allowing God to do his.

Celebrate ALL wins, BIG and small!

Thank you to each and every one of you who follows me anywhere on social media. Likes and shares my posts. Reads my blogs. Watches my YouTube videos. I appreciate you!

Today I encourage you to trust God, and his timing!

Until next time...🦋

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