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Begin Again...& Again

I’d be lying if I said that I was still eating healthy and exercising. Listen, I had to first acknowledge my slip up, and two, forgive myself. Sometimes, when we as humans are too hard on ourselves. I feel like a broken record, but 2020 has been challenging!

Several months back I embarked on a plant based/healthy journey. This included no meat, and several raw meals. I was exercising regularly and consuming a healthy amount of water. My gastro issues were almost nonexistent, skin glowing and my blood sugars were stable.

So what happened? Life. Specifically, my dad got sick. This lessened the amount of time I had for me, significantly. This led to quick meals aka fast food. Y’all, these fast food chains know what they’re doing!

2 for $5.

Buy 1 get 1 for $1

Munchie boxes

Dollar menus

Pretty lights


Need I continue? All it takes is one double double animal style combined with stress to knock you off the wagon. Well that’s what it took for me 🤣.

Then there was making time to exercise...well after several hours of work and time spent with a sick parent, there was no energy or time left in any of my days!

Now, perhaps someone else could handle the load I was carrying, but it was too heavy for me and I can own that. The scales were completely unbalanced, and bad food provided the comfort I needed.

Now what is the purpose of this blog? To let someone know that they aren’t alone. That just because you stop something doesn’t mean you can’t pick up where you left off. Begin again! This is also to hold myself accountable.

My plan:

• Walk daily

• Yoga

• Eliminate meat & incorporate more raw foods

• Check blood sugars regularly

Starting small and celebrating every step of the way. You can join me if you need an accountability partner! Going into 2021 with a clear vision!

Until next time...🦋

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