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10 Simple Ways You Can Destress During This Time

Before I begin this blog, let’s take a moment to breathe.

Read first, then try!

Right where you are (unless you’re driving) close your eyes. Bring your shoulders down. Unclench your jaw. Sit up straight. Shake out your hands. Relax your entire body. Focus on your breath. Now inhale for three seconds. Exhale for five seconds. Repeat three times. Now slowly open your eyes. Do you feel a little more relaxed?

Right now, at this very moment, we are living through not one, but two pandemics! Just a gentle reminder, COVID-19 is still here. While we’re out marching and fighting for justice, our lives are at risk in more ways than one, so I’m going to share with you 10 simple ways to destress, because right now we’re dealing with some heavy stuff!

Here they are:

  • Get off social media - this can cause sensory overload and triggering for those with or without issues with mental health

  • Meditate - I make it a point to meditate every morning before I even pick up my phone. This is the moment that I set intentions for the day.

  • Exercise - I also try to make a point to incorporate some form of exercise daily, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

  • Take advance of relaxation apps like Calm, Headspace, & Relax Melodies. These are three of my faves and they work!

  • Get creative! - Whatever that looks like for you! Draw, color in a coloring book, organize a space in your home! Let me tell you what I did. I bought yarn, popsicle sticks and I’m going to make God’s eyes! I may be aging myself with that one 😆

  • Write - Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, this is a therapeutic exercise! It doesn’t have to be any specific format, nor does it have to be grammatically correct, just say what you need to say! Get it off your chest, or use it to write things you’re grateful for. Balance.

  • Laugh - I know what you’re thinking, it’s hard to laugh during these times, but dig deep! Remember the benefits of laughter! Laughter heals. It works out the abs. It fortifies the immune system and a host of other things!

  • Go to therapy - I am, and will always be a huge advocate for therapy, especially in the black community. In the link below, there are resources for therapy provided.

  • Get dressed up - yes, put on something cute. Throw on some lipgloss. Comb your hair. For me, when I look good, I feel good.

  • Spend time with family! - Now I know, we’re still social distancing, but spend time with the people in your home. Have a game night. Battle it out in the kitchen with a crepe cook off. For those who live alone, have a zoom meeting with family or friends! Technology is amazing.

There are so many other things that you can do, I’m just sharing 10. Remember this, if it feels good to your soul, do that!

I love y’all, and until next time...🦋

Here are links to a few articles with some amazing resources to help you cope, and amazing people to follow on social media!

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