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YouTube Channel?

So, word on the street is people don’t read anymore. Is this true? For years I’ve contemplated starting a YouTube channel but I’ve always found a reason not to. Fear being the biggest reason.

Will people watch?

Will they find me interesting?

Am I too old?

I love YouTube. I actually watch several YouTubers. It’s what I call my guilty pleasure.

Well, I’ve overcome my fear and I’ve created a channel! Here is the direct link:

Click the link and subscribe! First video will be posted Sunday October 7th! I’m starting off slow. I’ll be posting every Sunday for now. What about my blog you ask? Posting will continue every Tuesday and Thursday on unless something happens like an unforeseen medical procedure, hence this blog going up after 9PM…oh, or a Beyonce concert!

Speaking of Beyonce, tune into my Vlog on October 7th where I’ll be sharing my very first Beyonce & Jay-Z concert experience. I’ll also be sharing how me and my son got lost after the concert.

Until next time…💛

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