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Yesterday I Cried

Yesterday was a rough day for me. There was so much going on. My brother was ill, my truck was the victim of a hit and run, we buried a loved one, and work is an interesting place right now.

I felt the weight of all of those things weighing heavy and while sitting at my desk I could feel my eyes welling up and a big knot in my throat. I got up and walked out to get myself together.

As I allowed myself to feel those emotions I began to think about all of the things I’m grateful for because staying in that place isn’t healthy. This has become a practice since dealing with depression and anxiety instead of the prescribed Klonopin.

After receiving the call telling me that my brother was unresponsive, I began to give thanks that he didn’t die. After thinking about burying a loved one I began to give thanks for the amazing memories we made. When thinking about those idiots who hit my truck, picked up their license plate and kept going causing over $11k in damage on my truck, I began to thank God that me nor my children were in it at the time of the accident. When thinking about the turmoil on my job I began to give thanks for employment knowing that there is something greater on the other side of this situation.

What do you do when you feel sad? What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with life’s circumstances? Allow yourself to feel, but don’t remain there. Music is a great mood booster. Turn on what feeds your soul and dance. Every morning on my way to work I listen to good music, after I talk to God. Some days it’s Chaka Khan and some days it’s YG 😂. Exercise, an outlet to expend that negative energy. Move until you sweat. Write, Lord knows writing by way of this blog has been my refuge! Writing has allowed me to deposit these thoughts and feelings instead of drugs, alcohol, and suicidal thoughts.

Today, choose gratitude. Know that, it ain’t what it looks like. If no one told you today, I love you! 💕

Until next time…❤️

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