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Welcome To My New Website!

It’s launch day! Somebody grab me a bottle of Minute Maid’s sugar free Mango Passion Fruit juice and a champagne glass because it’s a celebration!

This has been a long time coming and I am beyond excited!

If you’re new here, WELCOME! This is Talking All That Jaz! A blog birthed two years ago out of a desire to heal from depression and anxiety. One day I just began to write. It was therapeutic, and it was free! One blog turned into hundreds!

Let me introduce myself, and share a few random facts!

My name is Jazmine. I’m a Lifestyle Blogger & Writer...hear the confidence in that?!?! Mother to four + one bonus super dope humans! Two daughters and three sons, and my partner and I have been together for 14 years. I recently went plant based, which I’ll talk more about on the blog real soon. I’m a 90s R&B addict (y’all wanna playlist?)! I have a huge fear of birds, thanks to the 1963 horror film, The Birds! I love the beach, actually, any body of water! I also walk up the stairs backwards if it’s dark downstairs because I’m scary.

What you can expect;

Parenting Tips (I’m a bit of a OG so I know a few things)



Recipes which will include plant based eating

Vlogs & Videos by way of Youtube

& Lifestyle Content!

All of this and more laced with a bit of comedy! I would love if you subscribed and joined my mailing list! I guarantee, you won’t regret it, plus it comes with a super dope monthly newsletter!

Now, when do I post?

Monday - New Blog

Wednesday - Look of The Day on Instagram

Friday - New Blog

Sunday - New Youtube Video

Any changes to the schedule will be announced!

Welcome, & until next time...🦋

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