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We Love Sex Too

Sex SEx SEX! Can we talk about it? Raised by an older generation of parents, sex was not something we talked about. It was a taboo topic.

What I was told about sex...

  • You don’t do it until you’re married because premarital sex is a sin.

  • You can get pregnant.

  • It doesn’t feel good the first time.

  • That’s all boys want.

I don’t remember any conversations about how special sex was. How it can be amazing with the right person. How it actually feels very good when done right. The importance of being mentally mature before it happens. The things told to me about sex did NOT make me NOT want to do it. It made me want to find out on my own...which I did.

Throughout my life, when there were talks about sex drive and who wants it more, women were never part of the equation. Even in movies, women were always portrayed as the one who faked the headache to get out of sex, and I never understood it!

I mean who are these women? I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies. Me, myself, I want sex just as much as my male counterparts, if not more. Messing with me, you gon’ be the one faking a headache 😆.

Why is it, when women crave sex (especially those who aren’t married) are automatically categorized as “nasty” or “hoeish”? Why can’t we just want what we want and that be it? Respect the fact that we are all sexual beings, and sex drive is NOT gender specific. If I had it my way, I’d have sex daily 🤷🏽‍♀️.

When it comes to sex, and gender specifics, I do believe that sometime the desire for sex is often tied to emotions when it comes to women. Growing up with several male friends I would always hear, “pussy has no face”, when it came to the number of women they had sex with vs women who after sex might catch feelings for lack of better words, but please don’t confuse the two, emotional ties have nothing to do with how often we desire it!

Now excuse me while I go...

Until next time...🦋

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