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Today I Wrote My Two Week Notice

I finally did it y’all, I wrote my two week notice. No I haven’t found another job yet, but congratulate me anyway.

Me at work can be best described as Issa Rae’s character, on her YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. If you’ve ever seen the series, then you understand. If you haven’t, go watch it now! Thank me later.

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For years I’ve wanted to see what else was out there, but paralyzed by fear and comfort I’ve stayed. Why do most people stay at jobs they don’t really care for? Two words, benefits and a paycheck. We rely on a paycheck as if there is no other way to obtain money. We work as if our job situations are rock solid. We also depend so heavily on something that’s not guaranteed and too often put our faith in the wrong thing.

I’ve applied for other jobs, but in the back of my mind lived doubt. The mind is a powerful manifesting tool. Yes, even your thoughts influence what’s manifested in your life.

Recently, I’ve become more intentional with my thoughts. I’ve written down exactly what I want in a job, from the salary to the scenery. Why? Because, write the vision and make it plain.

What I hear most often, “Girl, do you know where you work?” “You better not leave that job.” “People would trade places in a heartbeat.” Cool. Don’t let people push their fear of the unknown on you. Also, wanting more and wanting change does not = ungrateful.

Me writing my two week notice is another step toward my purpose. It’s part of my faith walk. I’ve decided to abandon comfort, release fear, and embrace growth.

Some things you just outgrow, even jobs.

(Photo Cred: Google)

Until next time…💛

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