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Tasty Thursday #9

On tonight’s episode of Tasty Thursday….it was a fail! I had a taste for peach cobbler so why not make one. My work day was a bit longer than usual and I got a late start on dinner. I initially had plans on using a different recipe I’d done in the beginning of the week, but life happens.

I had two pre-made deep dish pie crusts. Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s not the peach cobbler homemade crust but by this time I was aiming for peach pie. I had abandoned the peach cobbler idea all together. I had 4 large peaches that I picked up from the farmers market at my job yesterday. They were beautiful and slightly firm. I also know, most peach cobblers use jarred peaches, but I was trying to make this diabetic friendly and avoid a coma.

I noticed when I was peeling the peaches that something was different. They had no smell…odd I thought. So ate a piece and I’ll be damned, they had no taste either. It appeared that they had been previously frozen, but I didn’t care I still wanted it. I sliced them up, threw them in the bowl and started adding flavor. I threw in sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, a splash of vanilla, needed some acidity (only had a lime), threw that in too. Threw it in the pie crust. Cut up the second crust and made a lattice. Baked it at 375 until it was golden brown. It smelled amazing!

I pulled it from the stove and it was beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) See below…

I even added cinnamon/sugar on the top.

Before I continue…I made what I call hood tacos for dinner. Ground beef, taco seasoning, crunchy shells, cheese, sour cream, the end. I made the kids my version of Taco Bell’s Mexi-melts and they devoured them. They even asked for more. I made a few more, then made my tacos. I bit into the first one and thought hmmm, something is off (but I ate the entire thing). Started eating the second one and I definitely knew something was off! The damn cheese tasted musty! The doggone cheese was spoiled. I asked the boys did their food tasted off…verbatim “yes, it did” ….I said, “and y’all ate it anyway?” They responded in unison, “yes”. I threw away the tacos I had left because now it was ruined.

But guess who had a peach pie? 🙋🏽‍♀️. I cut into it and put it on my plate. It even had the juice like my daddy’s peach cobbler. I sat down, tasted it, and it tasted like shit! Y’all I was so mad! 1) I ate old ass cheese and 2) nasty ass pie. As I’m typing this I’m hella hungry and now afraid I’m gonna have bubble guts shortly.

Not every Tasty Thursday will be a good one and I’ll be sharing the good and the bad. Tonight I’m taking my L like a champ!

Until next time…💛

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