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Tasty Thursday # 12

It’s Tasty Thursday and it’s cold, rainy, and I’m under the weather so tonight I made something hot and hearty!

Now this is not the chicken and dumplings I grew up on but I thought, why not? Pulled out my tried and true dented slow cooker and got to work. I won’t bore you with the details of the recipe so I’ll include the link here

Growing up chicken and dumplings was a big pot of deliciousness. My father always used chin legs (skin on), gizzards and sometimes chicken feet to scare us. And you can’t forget the butter, yes butter! He would use biscuit dough rolled out super thin and it would soak up all of that delicious broth.

Now this recipe is definitely not what I was used to. To me it was more like pot pie filling 🤷🏽‍♀️, but it was simple, super easy to follow and pretty tasty! It received mixed reviews in my house. Two of my kids opted for something different, but tonight my mood is

(Photo Cred: Google)

If you’re looking for an easy “chicken and dumpling” recipe, this is a good one!

Until next time…💛

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