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Mental Health - A Virtual Journal Entry

I’m Honor of Mental Health Month

May 20, 2020

It’s 7:50 PM and golden hour has begun. This is by far my favorite time of day. The time of day where the sun begins to set and God paints the sky in pretty hues of pink, purple, red and orange. The time of day when things begin to settle, the place where the wind down begins.

I’m sitting in my bedroom, alone, in complete silence. Candles burning and the last bit of day providing the only source of light. Just me and my thoughts.

At one point in my life silence used to be so loud, at times deafening. The clamoring of thoughts and worries like little people yelling in my head consuming my entire being. Distractions fed my inability to be alone with my thoughts. Sex, weed, toxic relationships & destructive behavior....

Today silence sounds different. It sounds more like a sweet melody blanketed in peace. I like to intentionally sit in silence, often. I get still and talk to God. These days I listen more than I talk. It’s the place where I just breathe. The place where I now find peace. The place of revelation. The place where God meets me right where I am. Sometimes it’s verbalized, but most times my heart does the communicating.

Present Day...Mind decluttered. Soul restored. Health Renewed. Heart full. Always remember, your mental health matters.

Until next time...🦋

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