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Jaz’s Look of the Week...The Breakdown

This week, we’re keeping simple, fun and cute! Lately I’ve been obsessed with all hues of pink so it’s no surprise that today’s look is featuring a pink dress!

I absolutely adore comfy clothes and today’s look fits the bill. A short t-shirt dress. I mean, who doesn’t love a classic tee? A t-shirt can be dressed up, dressed down or worn to bed...somebody play Adina Howard’s “T-shirt & My Panties”. I mean, I’ve never met a t-shirt that I didn’t like.

I saw this dress on one of my many late night online shopping sprees, now I need somebody to play Donald Lawrence feat Leandria Johnson’s “Deliver Me”. I’ve become well acquainted with the delivery drivers from several companies but that’s neither here nor there. Stay focused Jazmine.

I decided to keep this look simple by pairing it with my white dad sandals, and one of my favorite pair of shades. Now where would I wear this? To the beach for sure!

I just want to say, since quarantine I’ve only wanted to wear comfy clothes, no bra and no shoes, so this look is as close as I can get to that while in public.

Dress was purchased at H&M for only $12.99! Here is the link!

Until next time....keep it cute, keep it simple and keep it comfy 🦋

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