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Jaz's Look of the Week...The Breakdown!

How do you dress for Spring/Summer quarantine? I'm sure it's a question plaguing you as well. No brunches. No outings with the girls. No weekends away with the kids. No date nights with bae...well at least not any outdoors. Yes, we all know it's temporary, but speaking personally, I'm ready for Rona to be gone-a!

Now let's talk pleated skirts, t-shirts, embellished sandals, clear heels and oversized sunnies because that's the look I'm serving this week! It's cute y'all! Don't mind the shine on my forehead in these photos, that's my God given glow!

When I put this outfit together, I was thinking of a cute, yet simple look that could easily transition from day to night. Day time look, I'm thinking brunch with the girls, and night, definitely date night! I love the versatility of a good ol' t-shirt, but the t-shirt in this look isn't your basic tee, it has a little something extra, pizazz! Look at those sleeves, and can you beat $9.99?!?


Let's talk about this pleated skirt! I never, and I mean I have never liked pleated skirts on me because my hips are very wide, but this skirt compliments my curves perfectly! It's midi length, which I love, because it works for my 5'2.5" frame! It's super lightweight, perfect for the Spring and Summer and it comes in several different colors. Purchased it at H&M for $29.99!



Next up, the shoes! I used to be such a shoe whore in my younger years, now that I'm in my 40's, not so much, but I stan for a cute pair of sandals! Y'all, I was feeling real bold when I purchased these clear heels! I've always associated clear heels with strippers, now, I'm not saying anything is wrong with that. If that's you, that's your business, but I can't be the only one with that thought...or am I? Anyway, I absolutely love both pairs of shoes!

Do you guys see the bling on those sandals? Wait, did you see the price though? An absolute steal at $17.99! Comfort factor? I can't really say yet because I've only worn them for about 30 minutes, but for those 3o minutes, we were all good. The clear heels, love them as well. Now, I'm more of a 3 inch, kitten heel type of girl, but I could not pass these up! Comfort factor? I could see these hurting after a while, and truth be told, I don't do well when my feet hurt! So if you purchase them, keep that in mind.

Last but definitely not least, these sunnies! I have become obsessed with sunglasses. I've never been into sunglasses, but these days, I don't leave home without them. Now, let me be honest, my obsession began at home. By at home I mean, I wear shade in the house when I'm feeling extra. I wore shades when I was featured on H&M's homepage....see feature below...

I know I wore those shades around the house for a few days! Let me get back to the shades in this pic! Unfortunately they are out of stock so I don't have a photo to share, but, they were only $12.99! They fit my face perfectly, and give me that vintage look that I love!

Well loves, that's a wrap on this week's look! If you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments. My goal is to make "Jaz's Look of the Week...The Breakdown" a regular thing.

Until next time...🦋

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