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I Remember When

I remember the days of Saturday morning cartoons and childhood shows like The Smurfs, Popeye, Out of this World, and Small Wonder.

I remember swinging while laying back and inhaling the summer air as the sun kissed my face. The sound of an overhead plane and the music from an ice cream truck playing in the distance. Choco taco, Ice Tickle, WWF ice cream, strawberry shortcake, all for $1.

I remember when eggplant was just a food and social media didn’t exist. I remember when gossip was spread through three-way calls and intricately folded letters.

I remember when home phone answering machines began with your favorite song. I remember when making mix tapes consisted of maxwell brand tapes, your favorite radio station, and boss ass pause button moves.

I remember the $1 movie and when Mervyns was where everybody went school clothes shopping. I remember saving $5 to buy the big catalog from JC Penny to Circle everything you wanted but couldn’t afford.

I remember bike rides all over the city. Jumping Double Dutch with heavy ropes trying not to get hit. I remember playing outside until dark and coming in smelling like outside.

I remember pressing combs and neck burns treated with butter. Rollers wrapped in toilet paper, bangs, bonnets, and stocking caps. I remember Sunday School, morning worship, B.T.U, 3:00 service, and 7:00 service. I remember being a choir member, announcement clerk, usher, and culinary committee all in one Sunday.

I remember being a kid and the strong desire to grow up not knowing how good I had it! I will always remember to never forget the beauty and innocence of being a child.

Let’s have some fun. Share your “I Remember When” in the comments!

Until next time…❤️

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