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Happiness is a Choice!

It took me several years and many depressing days to learn this lesson.

I used to be one of those individuals swayed by someone else’s feelings. Let me explain. Have you ever been around someone, a friend, a lover, a coworker, and their negative attitude and shitty disposition changed your mood? So many days I woke up happy and excited, had an unfortunate encounter with Negative Nate or Complaining Clara, and my mood began to reflect theirs.

I could slowly feel myself spiraling. It was like an outer body experience some days. I could watch it as it was happening. My lack of self control and inability to recognize that my happiness was a choice was not easy to see at the time.

The same way happiness is a choice, so is being unhappy. I’ve met many individuals who don’t know how to be happy. You know that one person you avoid asking how they are doing because you know it’s about to be some mess. Anytime their response begins with, “not too good, or I’m okay”, you know what’s coming next. Beware of these joy thieves because they’re looking for vulnerable new recruits all the time. They can spot individuals like them. Check your circle. Take inventory. Are you attracting positive and happy individuals? If not, time for a self evaluation. You can change it. Being happy is a personal choice.

You can spot a person who is intentionally happy. They have a glow, very similar to the glow of Bruce Leroy from The Last Dragon.

Make it your daily practice to wake up everyday and say, “today I choose to be happy. Today I choose to see the good in everything. Today I choose to focus on the solution instead of the problem. Today I will not allow myself to be overtaken by someone else’s unhappiness. Today I choose to be saturated in happiness because I know that my vibe attracts my tribe.”

Today and everyday, I choose to be happy!

Until next time…❤️

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