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Balance: Life of a Working/Blogging Mom

Some days feel like a balancing act. Juggling full time motherhood of four teenage children, ages 12-18. Working a full time corporate gig. Being in a full time loving relationship, and managing this blog (which I love).

I’m a live by a schedule kind of person. I love a juicy to-do list. Checking things off of a list brings me immense joy.

How do I maintain balance? Three words, planning, patience, and prayer. I call it the three P’s.

Planning: I plan everything from outfits, to meals, to baths. We iron outfits for the week, and by we I mean my girlfriend. Growing up, my mother would always get our clothes out the night before, everything down to the underwear. This was a habit that I kept into adulthood. This is also a huge timesaver. I mentioned this in a previous blog, but it’s definitely worth a second mention. Question, do people still iron? Movingon…

Meal planning: we are a household of six, and three of the six are growing boys that eat like NFL players, so ain’t no cute small plates. I make meals that stretch. I make meals that are quick. Things like spaghetti. We will eat spaghetti for at least two days, and it’s inexpensive to make. Plan your meals for the week, grocery shop on Saturday, and prep on Sunday. We have a whiteboard in our kitchen, and I’ll go as far as listing the meals I’m preparing including the day of the week they’ll be served. If it reads “Chef’s Choice”, they know I’m not cooking 🤷🏽‍♀️. If you have children, put them to work. Let them chop, wash, or sauté. I love a good adolescent sous chef.

Alone time, I plan that too! It usually occurs at the end of the day after everyone is in bed. Most times I just sit in silence. No tv, no music, just quiet. Baths, another planned event. Mellow music, candles, bath bombs, and extra hot water. Social media and phone time. These simple things help keep me balanced and definitely sane.

Patience: An average day…alarm sounds off at 5:15. I hit snooze at least two times, it makes me feel better. I get up, shower, and get dressed. I then hand out clothes to the kids. Prepare lunch, then out the door no later than 6:15. My commute on a good day is about 60 minutes. I work 8 hours, then commute home. The traffic in the Bay Area is disrespectful. Some days it takes over 2 hours. When I get home, I usually sit in the driveway about 10 minutes before I walk into the house. I like to shake off work; disconnect. Next, it’s mommy time. Homework, details of the school day, and family time. Homework with my youngest takes all of my patience. This boy’s ability to focus is pretty nonexistent but we get it done, and still love each other after it’s over. Dinner time! Dinner is eaten at the table as a family, no cell phones allowed. 9:30 PM, bedtime for my two youngest which always turns into 10 PM, but hey. Now it’s ME time. I need 60 minutes minimum. This includes quiet, checking social media, and managing the blog. Then it’s off to bed usually around 11. Did I mention patience? Woo, the long weekdays require lots of it.

Prayer: My daily practice. My prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving begins in the shower, and continues on my drive to work. This is a daily practice that is extremely important to me. It brings me peace. It brings me joy. It makes the difference in my day!

How do you maintain balance? Are you making time for the things that matter? Are you taking time for you, while caring for your family? If you aren’t, start now. It is essential to your mental and spiritual wellbeing. Feel free to incorporate the things I’ve shared here, and please share some of your own, I’d love to read them.

Until next time…❤️

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