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All Money Ain’t Good Money

We often associate the saying “all money ain’t good money” with wonderful game of dominoes, but this go round, I’m associating it with a salary.

I can remember the year being 2005, the year I filed for divorce. One of the scariest and most life changing years of my life. I was a then stay-at-home mom of 4 small children, minimal work experience, and no college education, and I now had to navigate through the work world.

I signed up with every temp agency I could. I had little work experience but I was smart. The first job I landed was as an Executive Assistant with a construction company. I can remember this job offering $30K a year. I can remember asking why the salary so low, and the recruiter told me to talk to the guy responsible for hiring me. When I met with him, he told me that’s what he thought I was worth, now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t walk out. A couple of reasons, 1. I didn’t value myself so I was attracting was I was wearing 2. I had to feed my kids, and it was more than minimum wage.

Can we talk minimum wage for a minute, what a joke! Minimum wage doesn’t match the cost of living, at least not here in California. I digress. I worked at that job until something else came through, this time paying more money. I was again an Executive Assistant, this time for a big pharmaceutical company. I remember the interview like it was yesterday because it went well. I received the call offering the job. My first day, I was being shown around by the girl who interviewed me. She told me how happy she was to have me, followed by a, “we hired you because you speak so well. The other ones were ghetto.” Insert blank stare. From the time that I was a young girl, I was always told that I spoke well or that I sounded white. I was always and will always be baffled by that statement! How does one speak a color? Back to the story.

I worked there until I interviewed for my current company. Again, more money, bigger salary. Pay close attention. Four years into the position I was offered another job, paying more money. When I was making 30, I wanted 40, and when I reached 40 I wanted 50, but remember that when I began working, it was a means to provide, not my passion so this left me chasing money instead of pursuing my passion.

How many can relate? Working in a job you hate, dreading the sound of that 5 AM alarm, doing something that feels like a chore, while dreaming about what you really want to do. Maybe it’s just me. So many of US are prisoners to our salaries. A high salary means nothing if you aren’t happy! During a meeting I asked an ice breaker question. The question was, what is your dream job? Not one person said it was the job they were currently in. I found this intriguing and sad.

Are the years of unhappiness and regret worth the salary? I now live by, do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. Today I’m chasing my passion while earning a paycheck, big difference, but only until my passion provides the paycheck.

Until next time…❤️

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