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60 Days In

60 Days In. If you’ve never seen it, head over to Netflix right now...I mean, read the blog first, but go!

Disclaimer: this blog contains spoiler alerts!

Y’all, I’ve watched every season of this show! The non tv watcher in me was on sensory overload, but I couldn’t stop watching. If you’ve never seen 60 Days In, it’s a show, where individuals volunteer to go to jail for 60 days. The purpose? To inform those in charge of the things going wrong, and right in their jails.

This go round, my girlfriend and I picked up where we left off, season three.

My very first thoughts when we started watching this show was, why in the world would someone volunteer to go to jail? I mean, I truly care about what goes on in jails and prisons, but I can care from outside. Y’all, there were drugs, sex 🤢, fights, and racial tension like I’d never seen before!

I can’t say I know much about jail other than what I’ve seen on tv, which might I add came very close to what was on this show.

Drugs...there was whippet. The female inmates would create this paste type mixture with kool-aid, coffee and whatever else, then mix in all types of meds. They’d sniff pills that they would normally swallow. They would dry out orange peels and smoke them. They’d make hooch using fruit. There was meth and weed. I mean anything you can get on the street, was in the jail!

The men...there was “ice” aka meth. There was clone, which was tobacco sprayed with a chemical, often times roach spray. I thought to myself, y’all smoking Raid laced tobacco? There was cocaine. Again anything you could get on the street, was in the jail!

Now here is where shit went left for me. There was a female participant who fell head over heels in love with an actual inmate. Sis, ended up having sex with the girl, and was filmed going down on homegirl! I mean she ate the entire 🐱!Y’all, I almost threw up! From what we watched, showers weren’t a regular thing, AND, she didn’t know what she was “eating” 😩. Sis could have had all kinds of std’s. Listen here, not a risk I’d be willing to take. This same participant blew her cover all in the name of love, resulting in the rest of the participants having to be pulled from the program.

So let’s talk race in the jail. In season four, the side the men were on was separated by race. You had the Whites, the Blacks and the Chicano. The racial tension was real. There was a hierarchy. You ate with your kind. You interacted in the day room with your kind, and not doing so could result in you being hurt or killed. One word for this season though, Abner! He was a participant that had served time and let me tell you, he made the entire season. Best participant out of all six seasons actually! Homeboy was a boss! He called shots, and was highly respected. He was also sexy as hell! I swear I was “straight” every episode.

Now the question came up while we were watching, would I ever be a participant? The answer is hell no! I’m soft as baby shit. I’m not built for jail, my booty big. I don’t drink, and I’m afraid of taking too much Tylenol, so the possibility of me taking a whippet is out of the question. I’m also a clean freak, and prefer two showers a day. Also, I’ve never been in a fight. You see, I was that kid that actually told the teacher when something happened, so yeah, not for me.

My point, watch the show!

Until next time...🦋

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