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Will you pick something and stick to it!

Have you ever been so good at everything that you have a hard time choosing just one. Raises hand, drops head, and walks away. Now I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but (toot toot). I am the the great idealist, begin 32 ventures (at the same damn time) while successfully seeing through none (this blog being one). When thinking of starting this blog, it seemed like a great idea! I was eager and I had a lot to say until I had to have a lot to say. I found myself overthinking the content. Will people actually read it? Will it be successful? How many of you can relate? I had to shift my focus, So I started to think about ways to conquer the ” I want to be and do everything at the same time” syndrome. I’ve decided to pick one thing and see it through. The blog…I’ve committed to posting once a week, and if something else comes to me–I’ll share! Stay tuned folks. Jaz

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