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This Year I Will ________

Welcome to the first blog of 2019! I thought to myself, what would be a good “kick off the year blog?” I came across this fill in the blank exercise posted in a discussion group and thought, what a great idea! The fill in the blank statement said, “This Year I Will _______” . Now I know some of us make resolutions, and some of us set intentions, either way it’s a great statement to get you going. Shout out to the Bauce Squad for the inspiration!

There are several things I want to manifest in 2019, so I thought I’d share my list with you!

This Year I Will…

♥︎ Be more intentional with self care because I know that I can’t pour from an empty cup

♥︎ Be a better steward over my finances because well, God won’t give you what you can’t manage

♥︎ Live unapologetically. In the famous words of Brother Malcolm, “by any means necessary”

♥︎ Reap from all of the seeds that I’ve sown. I’m calling this year, the year of reaping

♥︎ Take advantage of the opportunities presented to me

♥︎ Choose faith over fear every time

♥︎ Learn to swim (no the stereotype isn’t true. I had a traumatic experience as a child)

♥︎ Be an even more present parent

♥︎ Get up earlier (because snooze and I are thick as thieves)

♥︎ Take more risks

♥︎ Live my very best life

Now it’s your turn to fill in the blank. What will you do in this new year? If what you did last year worked, then more of the same is absolutely okay!

Until next time…🦋

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