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Tasty Thursday #8

This Week on Tasty Thursday…ooey gooey Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls, because who doesn’t like cinnamon rolls?

In one of my blogs I talk about being a Type 2 diabetic. Here’s the link Simply put, it sucks. Prior to becoming a diabetic I wasn’t a huge fan of sweets. As soon as they said I was a diabetic I craved every sweet thing I had ever had and never had.

I was gestational diabetic all 4 pregnancies, but sure enough, as soon as I had my kids, I was back to normal. My craving during my 4th pregnancy was Cinnabon. I knew before my test that I was gestational but I couldn’t resist! Those damn things were like crack and I was an addict! I still love them, but can no longer have them. And today, I still believe that there are little Cinnabon fairies holding box fans in front of air vents in every mall around the country, luring every one to their lines to get a taste of their ooey gooey cinnamon rolls. Four words “I REBUKE THEE SATAN!”

Since my sweet list is restricted to the smallest amounts of everything, I searched the internet for a delicious copycat recipe. This recipe in particular was sent to me by my youngest son who told me to make them. The first time I tried them, he made them (with real sugar) of course so all I had was a mere morsel, BUT, it was delicious!…so I did what I do best, modified the recipe to be diabetic friendly.

*Disclaimer: Splenda was used in the making of this recipe. (Yeah yeah I know, not the healthiest choice) but I did use Splenda Naturals, does that count? I mean it has to be healthy if it says natural…Also, no children or small animals were harmed in the cooking process*

Side note: I think I’ve mentioned Splenda at least 5 times in this blog. Sponsor an upcoming video on my vlog @splenda? Holla at your girl.

Back to the recipe. Here’s the YouTube link to the recipe I followed

Watch, make, devour REPEAT.

My modifications to the recipe:

I used Splenda Naturals wherever the recipe used white sugar since it measures cup for cup.

I used the Splenda brown sugar blend where it called for brown sugar *the Splenda brown sugar does not measure cup for cup so read the back of the bag for proper measurements*

For the Icing:

Most icings require powdered sugar. I make “powdered sugar” using the Splenda Naturals and cornstarch. Here’s the link I triple the amount of the recipe, then add room temperature milk until glaze like consistency.

One more time for your drooling pleasure 😋

Happy Baking and Until Next Time…💛

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