Relationship Realities

What I’ve learned over the last 14 years, in no particular order.

“We were the episode of friends turned lovers.”

We battled with our identity as a same sex couple.

We lived unbalanced in the co-parenting space for quite sometime (and still do somedays) but we make it work.

We successfully defeated the battle of the EX and overcame the loss of friendships.

We held each other down through sickness.

Some days we questioned whether or not this thing would work but we realized that a relationship is a partnership that requires equal parts of give and take.

We navigated our way through unnecessary financial hardships learning that successfully managing finances takes teamwork.

We learned that if you can’t play, laugh and have fun like children, is it even worth it?

We learned that friendship before relationship builds a solid foundation.

We learned that sex is a vital part of a relationship. The necessity of intimacy and continued dating after commitment is important.

We learned that having social lives outside of the relationship is vital to its survival. You need a separate source for recharging so you don’t drain the relationship’s battery.

We learned that moments of disagreement aren’t fatal. In fact, it often leads to healthy communication skills when maturity is involved.

We learned that a relationship absent of trust is not a relationship.

We learned that allowing your significant other to put their cold feet on you to get warm is one of the highest acts of kindness.

We learned that love is the glue that holds it all together. That there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, just two people committed to making it work.

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