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Birthday thank yous and upcoming challange!

Hello Everyone! It’s Friday and I’m glad about it. So let’s see, started this blog on Monday and celebrated my 37th birthday on Tuesday. I spent the day doing what I wanted, which included NO WORK (insert praise break). Took my children to school, went to breakfast, shopped a bit, picked up the kids from school, then had dinner with family and friends. The day was full of fun, love, and laughter.

This birthday I decided to give myself a gift. I’m a big giver when it comes to others, but I struggle giving to myself. So this year, as a gift to myself I’m launching what I’m calling the “I AM” challenge. Let me explain…the other day I was thinking (as I do often) and the depth of my thoughts were getting me down (Pity Party for 1 please). I then realized the power of my thoughts and the things I speak.

How often do we speak negative things into existence? How many times have you uttered, “I am broke”? (Somebody said this today) Or “I am so dumb” Or “I am fat”? Not realizing that we give life to words when we speak them and life to thoughts when we think them.

Then it came to me …an affirmation tree.

Breaking the cycle of negative self talk through daily “I AM” affirmations!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Post -It Notes (Any color you choose) and A Sharpie Marker (Basic and Inexpensive)


  1. Write “I am” affirmations on the Post-It  Notes. I.E “I am enough”, “I am fearless”, “I am strong”, “I am beautiful”

  2. Find a wall, a mirror, the back of a door and stick them there creating the shape of a tree.

  3. Recite them daily, as many times as you need for the next 30 days

  4. Journal the changes you see through the 30 days (Continuing beyond the 30 days is A ok!)

My family and I have already began our “I AM” challenge (Pics posted at the end). I didn’t realize how powerful this experience would be for all of us. My children were eager and that made me excited. I discovered several things they were struggling with through this exercise and to share in the experience of helping them see differently and think differently about themselves…priceless.

Make it a family affair, involve the children, your spouse, tell a friend. Join us on the journey to positive self-talk and self-love.

Until next time,

“Create the life you dream about”

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