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Be Your Own Support System

Since beginning this blog journey and road to entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to clearly identify my support system. People will pretend to support you until they have to support you. Understand, not everyone will see your vision and that’s okay. The vision is specifically designed for the visionary. Some individuals will even discourage you in an attempt to keep you in the place that they recognize you. Sometimes your growth makes them uncomfortable.

A piece of advice to those who haven’t finished growing thick skin: Stop having your big conversations and sharing your big ideas with small thinkers and pseudo supporters. You will leave discouraged every time!

Before beginning this process I asked God to guide the process. I asked for the removal of all road blocks including people with ill intentions. Fact: God will never (reveal or give) a vision and not provide provision, but you have to do the work!

Ways to be your own support system:

Step 1: Encourage yourself.

Step 2: Give whatever you’re doing 100%.

Step 3: Believe in your ability.

Step 4: Be honest with yourself.

Step 5: Be consistent

Step 6: Speak words of kindness to yourself each day.

Step 7: Be authentic.

Step 8: Trust your intuition and trust the journey.

Add your own if you like. Be your own cheerleader first! My mama used to always say, “don’t nobody love me more than me!” She is a wise woman. Make that your motto too!

Until next time…💖

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